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A Small Town Girl

Hello, another Monday and I'm not sure where the last week has gone.  The icks are dragging on and on and although I feel better, I have absolutely no energy and I'm lazing around.  I guess while you're working you force yourself to 'buckle up' but once retired it's "I guess I'll laze around today." I've done very little in the way of anything.  It's coming to a halt though, we're hosting a Mardi Gras party Tuesday night and I best get my you know what in gear.

I had full intentions of writing a story for this week.  I was actually at the computer and somehow the next thing I knew I was staring at a list of my Sunny's Girls Tales and this story popped up.  I enjoyed reading it and decided that maybe you would like another walk down memory lane - so here is "A Small Town Girl."


Kyle Michaels driving home after a long shift as a Camp Counselor at CampCahuega, thinking he hated that summer was almost over but excited about the following week. Off to college next week on a basketball scholarship, his whole life was about to change. For now though, it was one of those perfect summer evenings, and as he drove along in his brother’s hand me down Plymouth convertible, the wind ruffling through his hair and his favorite station playing on the radio, for him life was as good as it gets.

Suddenly, out of the darkness, someone jumped out in front of the car. He slammed on the brakes and swerved to the left, barely missing the person.  He was cursing about the stupidity of the action when he saw it was a young girl.

“Help, please, help.” she yelled at him.  He steered the car to the side of the rode and hopped out as she ran to him.

“I need help, come quick,” as she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the wooded glen.As they raced along the pine covered trail, he noticed the girl was soaking wet and barefoot but it didn’t slow her down at all.  When they reached the river, he saw the predicament.  Someone else was clinging to a tree limb overhanging the riverbank.

“Hang on, Sarah, we’re coming.”

The swollen river, fueled by a couple of days of heavy rain, was flowing rapidly.  Kyle immediately dove in.  A strong swimmer, it only took him seconds to reach the stranded girl and pull her to shore.

“What the hell are you two doing out here in the dark.  Don’t you know it’s dangerous even in the daytime.  Didn’t you see the warning sign about dangerous currents?”  Kyle practically screamed at them.

He knew he was spitting out one question after another but this whole dangerous situation made him angry. He could have killed that girl that jumped in front of his car and then the recklessness of swimming alone in a deserted area in the dark of night had caused his temper to boil over.  He noticed the girls shaking and as he calmed down, he too felt the chill of the breeze on his wet skin.  He herded them toward his car where he had a blanket and a jacket to offer.

“Get in the car,” he directed them.  They hesitated.

“Now you’re worried about getting into the car with a stranger after the stunt you just pulled.  The two of you deserve a good hard spanking.”

The girls looked at each other and jumped into the back seat.  Kyle got in, put up the top and cranked on the heater. Turning around to face them huddled together under the blanket he finally asked them their names and where they lived.

“I’m Brenda Davis,” said the one who jumped in front of the car, “and this is Sarah Miller.  We’re cousins and are visiting our grandparents who live over on Old Mill Road.”

“Why that has to be over a mile from here, how did you get here?”

“We were tubing.”

“In the river, in the dark without life jackets, do you have any brains at all?” he asked incredulously.

“Listen, Buster.  We’ve just had a harrowing experience and don’t need to be scolded, so  just take us home,” Brenda told him.

Kyle couldn’t believe what he just heard.  Before he did something he was going to be truly sorry for, he turned the car around and headed toward Old Mill Road.  Turning left on Old Mill road, Brenda directed him to their grandparent’s house. At one time, it belonged to Otis Anderson, but it had been sold after his death, and although he didn’t know the new owner, maybe his parents did.

He stopped the car and stepped around to open the passenger door.  He started to walk them to the door and Brenda snippily told him that wouldn’t be necessary.

“I don’t know how they do things where you’re from, but here a gentleman always escorts a lady, and I’m using that term loosely, to the door and sees her safely inside.”  He heard Sarah snicker and the loud hmpf from Brenda. 

Brenda walked in first, with Sarah following.  She handed him his blanket, said thank you for coming to their rescue, then slowly closed the door, leaving him standing there.  Shaking his head, he walked to the car and drove the rest of the way home.


Kyle Michaels came back to Haven Port to spend Labor Day with his folks at their annual end of summer party. After college, he took a job in the city but managed to get back to Haven Port every couple of months. He was always on the lookout for any job within fifty miles of Haven Port and if something came up, he would move back in a heartbeat. 

His folks, always happy to have him home, took him to dinner the night of his arrival.

“Mom, I eat out all the time.  I was looking forward to some home-cooked meals,” he told her.

“Sorry, about that, but what with getting ready for the party tomorrow, I didn’t have the time or the space to worry about dinner tonight.  You’ll just have to come home more often or find yourself a wife.”

“Let’s not start that, please.”  He laughed at his mother’s frown.

They went to Jack’s Son’s Hole in the Wall.  It was an institution in HavenPort and practically the town center.  If you needed or wanted to hear or catch up on the latest news, you were bound to learn about it at the Hole as the locals called the place. They stopped and said hello to everyone along the way to their table. She handed them menus and said their server would be right with them.

“Mom, do you know our hostess’ name.  She looks familiar.”

“Honey, that’s Brenda Davis.  Her grandparents live over on Old Mill Road, and she moved here shortly after Millicent Davis suffered a stroke.  I think you were in college at the time.  Anyway, she lives here now.”

“I thought she looked familiar.”

“Honey, I don’t think you know her; she didn’t move here until after you left.”

“Oh, no. The summer I left for college she was here visiting her grandparents.  She and a cousin decided to go river tubing at night and ended up in trouble.  Luckily, I happened along, helped them out and drove them home.  She was a snippy little brat.”

“Well, she’s grown up now.”

“She sure is.” As she walked away, he noticed the sway of her long ponytail swishing back and forth across a cute little ass.  He remembered wanting to spank that ass because she was such a brat. 

On the way out of the restaurant, Brenda Davis still armed the Hostess Desk. Kyle couldn’t resist.

“Have you done any more nighttime river tubing?” he asked.

“Excuse me, do I know you.”

“I’m not sure knowing me is the exact term, but my name is Kyle Michaels and I was the one who rescued your cousin the night of your teenage tubing adventure.”

OMG.  I never even thanked you.    I was so scared I just wanted to get home and feel safe. The next day, I realized I didn’t know your name, or where you lived. Let me buy you dinner to thank you for that evening, I feel it’s only right having behaved so badly.”

“You definitely were a brat.  I’ll tell you what, my folks are having an end of summer party tomorrow, why don’t you stop by.  We can talk about dinner then.”

“I’ll be sure to stop by.   The Michaels place over on Heritage Drive, correct.”

“I do love small towns, yes that’s the place.  I’ll see you tomorrow,” Kyle told her.   

People had been coming and going to the Michaels party all day.  Kyle had kept an eye out for Brenda but hadn’t seen her make an appearance.  He kept busy though, an eligible bachelor who was tall, tanned and charming, wasn’t at a loss for female company.  A steady stream of ladies sought him out, some old friends among them but mostly newbies, at least to him.  Since he only visited Haven Point, he had no intention of getting involved with any of them.  He dated often, but hadn’t yet found anyone to hold his interest beyond a few months.  Apparently, his dating pool wasn’t wide enough, and he should cast a larger net because he kept meeting the same woman with different names.

He was standing in the corner talking to an old high-school chum when he saw her enter the deck.  She must have come from work because she wasn’t dressed as casually as the other party-goers.  He excused himself and walked over to her.

“Hello, Brenda.  Glad you could make it.”

“Thank you Kyle.  It would have been rude of me not to, especially after the last time.”

“I think we can chalk that up to teenage angst, don’t you?”

“I’d like that, then we can start fresh.  I haven’t seen you since that evening, not that I’m sure I would have recognized you except for your memory jog, but I assume you no longer live in Haven Port.

“No, I left for college right after our initial encounter and after college took a job in the city.  I love it here though and wouldn’t mind living here.  It was a good place to grow up and judging by my parents, a good place to grow old.”

“I agree with you about a good place to live.  I came temporarily and ended up permanent.  It’s not the best place for an unattached female however.  I think all the good men leave and then come back with a city girl.”

Kyle laughed at her comment.  “I haven’t found that city girl, so I guess I can’t come back to stay yet,” he joked.

They continued to banter back and forth, and Kyle enjoyed her company. He learned she was in her sophomore year of college when she came back to care for her grandmother. She had a degree in Art History and when she wasn’t working at the restaurant, used her time to pursue her passion of painting. The library had some of her work on display, and she was the featured artist in the courthouse this month. She told him she sold her work at local shows and hoped that one of these days she’d be discovered by some visiting gallery owner and would no longer be a starving artist.

“I’m really not starving. The restaurant job pays the bills and gives me the days to work on my art and that is what soothes my soul.”

 “I would love to see some of your work.”

“See my etchings, huh.  That line is even too old for you,” she laughed.

“Too old, huh.  What do you think I am, ancient?”

She rolled her eyes at him.  “Would I say that to such a chivalrous gentleman?”

“I’m not too senile to know when I’m being pricked.  Watch out, because I spank spunky  girls.”

“So you said once before.  So far, all you’ve done is threaten.”

“Girl, you don’t want to go down that road.”

“Maybe, I do,” She took a sip of her drink.

Taken aback, Kyle just looked at her.  “Left you speechless, did I?” she asked.

“Yes, you did.  I think this conversation should be continued over dinner.  Are you ready to leave now?”

“It’s your party.”  He found his dad and said he was leaving and didn’t know when he would be back.  He had no idea where this evening would end, but he was going to enjoy the explorations.

He drove to River’s Edge a quaint restaurant, not far out of town.  He asked for a quiet table outside.

“Shall we order a bottle of wine?” he asked.

“Do you need alcohol to continue our earlier conversation?”

“I don’t, do you?” He smiled back.  He had never had a conversation like this before.

“No, I don’t.  You probably think I’m forward, but I know what I want and life is too short to play games.  I’m pretty choosy with whom I share my ‘kink’. I live in a small town, but I think you are a gentleman and aren’t into kiss and tell; I hope I’m not wrong.

“You’re not wrong.  I’ll say one thing, you are different than any girl I’ve ever met.  Girls are usually not quite as upfront with what they want.  Right now though, I want dinner, I’m starving.  How about you?”

“Dinner is fine, and then I’ll tell you what I want for dessert.”

Kyle had a feeling he knew exactly what she wanted for dessert, and he would be only to happy to deliver. He chuckled to himself. Brandy surprised him again by ordering a steak, baked potato and asparagus and ate every bite. Such an interesting girl. Most girls ordered a full dinner and then played around with it the whole time.  He hated that.

When the server came to clear the plates and handed her the dessert menu, her answer surprised him.

“I know what I’m having for dessert, and it isn’t on the menu, but thank you anyway.”

She turned to Kyle and asked him if he was ready for dessert.

“Quite ready.”

“Since I’m staying at my parents, do you have a place of your own or should I be looking for a hotel room somewhere?”

“Out on Old Mill Road, you remember right. I have my own garage apartment, not to worry. We won’t disturb or be disturbed.”

Arriving at the house, she directed him to the back. She ran up the stairs to the apartment. At the top, she crooked her finger toward him, turned around and stuck out her bum. His pants tightened.

“You really are something, Ms. Davis.  I’m going to enjoy spanking that pert little bottom.”

“Talk is cheap.”

“That’s it.”  She watched him roll up his sleeves and felt the tingling in her tummy while her bottom clenched in anticipation of what was to come.  “Do you need a lecture or a reason for me to spank you or do we just get to it.”

“If you’re the kind of man I think you are, you’re in charge so whether this is the first or last time, either by my choice or yours, it is up to you.”

He slowly pulled her sundress over her head, grazing her breast on the way.  His hands snaked down her body, rolling her panties off her hips and down her thighs, calves, and ankles.  He smacked her legs.

“Step out.” He ordered.  She hesitated for just a moment, and he smacked her ass hard and she sucked in her breath.

“Go stand in that corner, nose to the wall, while I decide what I am going to do with you,” he ordered.  Her body twitched. He moved a kitchen chair to the middle of the floor, making sure to make enough noise to see if she would react. If she sneaked a look he would smack her again. She didn’t.   After a few moments, he called her to him and made her stand between his legs.  Naked and vulnerable, she didn’t look as sure of herself as she had earlier.

He lifted her chin to look at him, but she kept her eyes downcast.  “Look at me! I’ve decided I’m going to give you the spanking you deserved the night we first met. You certainly had it coming for your reckless behavior as well as being an absolute brat. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Nothing, sir.”  He liked that response; it made him feel dominant, and he needed that because this was a totally new experience for him. Other spankings had always been in the heat of the moment, not like this.

He pulled her over his knee and waited as she adjusted herself, hands on the rungs of the chair and toes touching the floor. He placed his hand on her creamy white globes and slowly began rubbing his hands up and down her back, her buttocks and her thighs.  He heard her sigh and that’s when he rained down the first smack.  The noise rang out in the quiet of the night.  He smacked her again and heard her sigh again.  The next ten smacks came one right after another, in the same spot in the middle of her ass.  As her ass started to pink, his pants started getting tighter.  He raised his knee, giving him some relief but not Brandy.  Now he had full access to the crease and laid another volley of hard spanks on her bottom.

He stopped spanking.  “How are you doing Brandy?”

“Fine, Sir.”

“Do you need me to continue?”

“By all means, Sir.”

He needed no further encouragement.  He spanked her hard, first on one cheek, then the other.  He could feel the heat in her bottom and switched to her thighs. When a particularly hard smack landed on her crease and caught part of her pussy, he felt her body go rigid and she cried out. He spanked the same area until she stopped shuddering and went back to spanking her bottom with his now wet hand. When his hand was about to fall off, he stopped.

“There, now tell me you’re sorry and you won’t be doing anything that reckless again.”

“I’m sorry, sir, and I won’t do anything that reckless again.”

“Get up and go stand back in the corner, with your hands on your head, until I tell you to turn around.”

Brandy walked to the corner.  There were red blotches all over her bottom, it had to be throbbing, and he yearned to rub away some of the sting, but he didn’t dare.  Five minutes later, he released her from the corner, not sure what to expect.

She came toward him.  “Thank you. I needed that.  I can see what you need, and I can help, if you’d like.”  Without waiting for an answer, she kneeled down, grabbed at his crotch, unzipped the zipper as his rock-hard penis sprang loose.  It didn’t take long for her to bring him over the edge. 

She stood up, went to the bathroom sink and brought him a wet cloth, and went back to the bathroom.  By the time she returned she wore a short robe and he could still see remnants of the spanking. He put himself back together and the chair back in place.  Not sure what to say or do, he didn’t have to worry.

“Thank you, Kyle.  I needed that and I think you needed the closure.  The next time you are back in Haven Port, we can do this again, if you like.”  She reached over, kissed him on the cheek and opened the door to the outside.

“Drive carefully.” He heard as the door closed behind him.  Definitely, the most interesting girl I’ve met so far. Who needs a city girl.

Hope you enjoyed.  I hardly ever read a story once it's finished, so sometimes they are new to me.  Funny, huh.  Anyway, see you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. I have enjoyed the old stories you have dusted off lately. Since I have not read most of them, I am just as happy as with a new one. Liked these 2 characters. Maybe you will revisit them one day.

    Thanks, Sunny,

  2. Glad you are on the mend...keep feeling better...and have fun at your party! :-) Hugs

    1. The party was fun - the food great, the hurricanes even better.

  3. Thank you for dusting this one off, Sunny...had forgotten it until I started reading a bit. Really enjoyed it. Have a wonderful party! :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. Hi Sunny, I am just checking in with blogland again after a week away. Sorry to hear the bugs have dragged on and hope you are feeling better soon at that you have a fantastic party.

    I remember this story and enjoyed reading it again. Thank you :)


    1. Glad to see you back. Knowing you were gone but then saw that the Boss was in your neck of the woods and I remember you were going to see him. Was he as great as you expected. I'm sure he was. Let us know about it.

  5. I'd forgotten this story but enjoyed the re-read. Thanks SG.

    Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy this evening.


    1. Glad you enjoyed again. I've been very lacking in ideas for new stories.

  6. Enjoyed reading this story Sunny. Hope you are feeling 100% soon and have a fun party.

    Hugs Lindy xx

  7. Definitely remember these two! I enjoyed reading the story again! Forgot to comment yesterday!
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Hope you share about the party!


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