Friday, December 9, 2016

Winter Rambles and Rumbles

Good Morning All

I'm probably still on a sugar high so if this doesn't make any sense, just laugh and go on your way.

Yesterday we had a cookie exchange here at our clubhouse and I had to laugh.  Most of us brought our contributions and I'm sure our local grocery store is working overtime to replenish their supply - obviously, I'm not the only one who doesn't bake.

Seriously though I did make something afterward.  It's call crack for want of a better name.  Ray fell in love with it so I'm sure I'm going to have to make it again before Christmas.  It's easy as can be.  If anyone's interested, email me and I'll send you the recipe. (no baking involved)

After the cookie exchange, I went shopping and hopefully walked off some of the calories of the morning. I didn't even bother to check my sugar this morning, I didn't want to know.  Not only did I eat some of those tasty treats at the exchange, but I only had a salami sandwich for dinner - not good but I'm still here so it can't be that bad.  I did find lots of stocking stuffers for our son-in-law and the kids, but nothing for our daughter. She is so picky, I can't imagine where she gets that from.

Some more ramblin' here.  I ordered some stuff from Bath and Body Works and it arrived yesterday. One of the items were the 'wall flowers' and one of them was the scented balsam.  My house now smells like I have a real tree.  I love the smell of fresh cut pine but we've lived in so many dry climates that I gave up on a fresh tree years ago it was too dangerous.  Like the time I almost burnt the house down in Colorado because I put the dried out pine boughs in the fireplace.  Wow, Fire and smoke everywhere. I'm sure if we were into TTWD then, I'd have been roasted, toasted and set on fire too.

Well enough for now.  I'm sitting here next to a stack of bills that need paying, so I better get to it.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. I ignore most cookie exchanges both because I can't cook and also because I shouldn't be eating them anyway. Also I'm one of those weird people who doesn't eat peanut butter, nuts in my candy or cookies or coconut and nearly all Christmas cookies has some of that.

    Now get those bills paid, or you know for sure you'll be spanked. Well a girl can dream, can't she.

    1. I'm dreaming of a White Christmas too. haha

      I bet you like shortbread though - nothing put pure decadence.

  2. Hi Sunny, tis the season for indulgences...that's why we have New Year resolutions lol. You got lots of stocking fillers too so even better. Had to giggle at everyone buying something to bring to the exchange. That would definitely be me too. Hope you got those bills paid!

    I'm deinitely intrigued about the crack lol.


    1. I like your outlook Roz. I'll have to remember that about NY resolutions.
      I'll get you the crack recipe in an email.

  3. Everyone buying cookies to bring to the cookie exchange cracked me up but there are some really lovely bakery cookies that I would much rather get in an exchange than some of the ones I've gotten in the past. LOL Very happy that all my exchanges this year have been virtual...much easier on the scale. ;) Congrats on getting the stocking stuffers...hope you find something for your daughter soon. Have fun paying bills. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It was funny and the local firemen appreciated what was left.

  4. Sounds like fun Sunny, with your cookie exchange. Funny how everyone bought theirs instead of baking them. I'm interested in the crack recipe please, can you inbox me on face book with it?

    Lucky find with the stocking fillers, hope you come across something for your daughter soon.

    Go pay those bills!

    Have a good weekend.
    Hugs Lindy xx

    1. The cookie exchange was fun - lots of laughter. You know how it is when a bunch of women get together. I'll get you the crack recipe too, you probably already have and just call it something different.
      You have a good weekend too.

  5. Hi Sunny, Oh I can just imagine you all turning up with your shop bought stuff! lol. I ignore the cookie exchange too. I don't want to make them, and I eat enough without any encouragement.
    love Jan, xx

    1. It was a hoot Jan. Krogers and Costco have good cookies.

  6. Made me laugh everyone bringing shop bought cookies to the exchange.

    I'm looking for some fun stocking fillers but can't seem to find any good ones this year.


    1. Us ole biddies have put in our time in the kitchen and we're not above letting someone else do the work. lol
      My best finds were for my son-in-law - a hip flask, a paisley bowtie (I know, what can I say) now if I can only find a pair of lavender argyle socks to match the bowtie I will be a happy camper. Got a selfie stick for one grandson and a pair of gloves that can be used on electronics for the other. Don't know if I gave you any ideas or not. Good luck.


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