Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Sexual Encounter

I know that many of you are or have been in the deep freeze. It may not officially be winter yet, but Mother Nature sent a calling. After lulling us with a warmer than normal fall here in most of the US, the sudden cold caught us by surprise.  We've even had some chilly days here in AZ - down to the mid 40's at night but once the sun comes out, even though the thermometer may say 60 something, it feels more like 70 something.

Well, I'm out of words, so here's this weeks story.

Bonnie had been alone for the last couple of years.  Her husband had passed; he’d been sick a long time, and she cared for him to the end.  She had grieved for him long before he took that final journey – she grieved for what had been.

After Ben had passed, she sold the house and moved into a condo, where everything was taken care of.  No more yard work, no more shoveling the walk in winter, no more putting up and taking down the screens with the season.  No, a condo, where the monthly maintenance fee included all of those things. 

The holidays were looming, and Bonnie didn’t want to spend another Christmas with someone else’s family.  She had invites, she always had invites, a great circle of friends rallied around her during Bill’s sickness and sustained her during this final days.  She loved them all, but now she wanted something different.  She was tired of being  Poor Betty, a widow way too young.  This year she booked herself a vacation – a Mediterranean Cruise.  A thirteen day Mediterranean Odyssey sailing from Barcelona to Venice.

It was expensive, but she had been very frugal and felt she could splurge.  She reserved a suite complete with balcony.  The ship's itinerary included stops in France, Monaco, Florence, Rome and Naples Italy before cruising the Ionian Sea and visit Corfu Greece.  She didn’t care about Dubrovnik and Split Croatia, but she could spend those two days on the ship resting up for the stay in Venice.  The cruise ended in Venice, a place she and Ben had always wanted to see, but it always seemed too expensive.  Well, she wasn’t going to worry about the cost.  Bonnie booked an extended three day stay in Venice planning to tour the magnificent bridges, palazzos, and the ancient churches.  Summertime, an old movie starring Katherine Hepburn and Rossano Brazzi, had spurred her interest in St. Mark’s Square and she was about to miss that or the Bridge of Sighs.
 Many of her well-meaning friends were horrified she planned on traveling alone.  It was what she wanted.  She had gone from her father’s house to her husband’s, and now she reveled in her independence.
She flew first class from New York to Barcelona.  It was another first for her, and she vowed she’d never sit cramped up like a sardine again -if she couldn’t afford to go, first class, she’d stay home.  She hired a taxi to take her to the ship, and the taxi driver flirted with her the whole way. Apparently, having your hair done and shedding twenty pounds was worth the trouble.  It made her feel alive – it had been a long time since a man had taken notice. 
After finding her cabin and unpacking, Bonnie wandered up to the Viewing Deck to take in the sights of Barcelona.  She noticed a solitary man doing the same and wandered over to him.
“Excuse me, do you know the city?”  When he turned her heart went into her throat. The man was dead drop gorgeous.  He had dark wavy hair, with strands of silver throughout, a well-tanned complexion with the tiniest of crinkles, around the eyes and mouth and the bluest eyes you could imagine.
“I should, I was born here,” he replied in heavily accented Engish.
“I’m a tourist and wondered if you could point out some of the sights.” 
“But, of course.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Guillermo Perez, and you are?”
“Bonnie Simpson,”  She extended her hand, and instead of shaking it he brought it to his lips and kissed it.  Her fantasies went into overdrive.
He began pointing out the various rooftops in the distance.  Bonnie could barely take her eyes off him.  After a bit, a tall, willowy woman came toward them and Bonnie’s bubble burst. ‘Of course, this gorgeous man is taken.’  The woman kissed Guillermo on both cheeks and stepped back to introduce herself to Bonnie.
“Hello, I’m Isabella Perez.  Is my father boring you.”
Bonnie was taken aback for a moment to process that this gorgeous woman was his daughter, then answered.
“It is probably me that is boring him.  I asked him to point out some of the more famous buildings.”
“Trust me, he is not bored.  He loves this city and wants everyone else to love it too. When my mother was alive, she was constantly being bombarded with facts of her adopted city.”
Isabella Perez was a clever woman and Bonnie noted she managed to let her know that her father wasn’t attached.  Could it be she was trying to find someone to entertain him on this cruise?
“The ship is getting ready to embark soon, and I don’t think we want to be standing under the horn when it blows.  Shall we adjourn to the bar.”  Guillermo said.
“I don’t wish to impose,” Bonnie said.
“Quite the contrary.  I’m sure my father would love to have a companion his own age instead of me and my fiance.  You get to know one another, and perhaps we can meet again later.”  Isabella said and took her leave.
Guillermo and Bonnie found a table near the window where he could still point out the city’s sights.  Once the ship began to sail, they went back out on the deck to watch.

“Tell me, Bonnie, why are you alone on this cruise.  This is a cruise usually reserved for couples.”

“I guess I could ask you the same question, Guillermo?” she said.

“I’ll tell you, Bonnie, I’m a widower and have been wallowing in my grief for far too long - at least according to Isabella.  When her fiance decided to take this cruise, they asked me to join them.  Of course, I said no.  What do they want with an old fool tagging along?  That's when they dropped the bombshell.  They plan on getting married when we get to Greece.  There’s no way I could miss my only daughter’s wedding, so here I am.  Now how about you?
“I am a widow, too, and I guess you could say this is my way of saying goodbye to my former life and hello to the rest of my life.  My husband and I always wanted to do this, but like so many others, life got in the way.  Now here I am doing it on my own.”
A waiter came by then with a tray of champagne.  Guillermo picked up two and handed one to Bonnie.  “Here to new beginnings.”  They clinked glasses, and each took a sip.

That was the beginning.  After that, Guillermo acted as Bonnie’s private tour guide, both on and off the ship.  Bonnie loved his old world charm and courtly manners.  She’d forgotten what it was like to be treated like a precious jewel.  Ben was a gentleman but nothing like Guillermo.  She supposed it had to do with his upbringing, he came from and was a wealthy man.  He owned vineyards, both in Spain and Italy, and it was easy to tell he was a man of culture and refinement and definitely used to being in control.
At first, Bonnie loved his charm and manner.  However, after a while, she found those attributes cloying.  He was always there to tell her what to do and how to do it and when she didn’t take his advice, he would raise his eyebrow and practically will her into submission with just that one look. 
Their first altercation came when she wanted to stay in the sun longer than he thought prudent.  She defied him, later complaining she was too sunburned to dine out and wanted nothing more than to stay in her cabin.
“Perhaps if you had listened to me Cara Mia, you wouldn’t be in this predicament.”
“You’re right, but I didn’t, and now I’m paying the price.”
“You’re lucky I don’t take you over my knee and spank you for being so childish.”
“What did you just say?”
“You heard me.”
“No, say it again, I want to be clear what I think I heard.”
“I said you are lucky I’m not taking you over my knee for being childish.”
“That’s what I thought you said.  I’ll have you know, I’m a grown woman and have and can make decisions on my own, and as long as no one else suffers if I’ve made a wrong one, so be it.
“I’m suffering from your decision.  We’ve been asked to join the Captain’s table this evening, so if you had obeyed me, you wouldn’t be in pain and we would be enjoying a delightful evening and wouldn’t be having this argument.”
“Perhaps, it is best then, because there is no way I’m allowing any man to treat me like a child.”
“Cara, didn’t your Ben ever take you over his knee.”
“Of course not.”
“Then you have no idea what you’re missing.  A spanking can be fun for all involved.”
“Are you telling me you spanked your wife.”
“Many times.”
“And you were married how long?”
“Twenty-seven wonderful years.”
“Ben and I were married almost that long, but we wouldn’t have made it one year if he had spanked me.”
Guillermo only smiled, and Bonnie wanted so badly to wipe that smile off his face.  He turned and left the cabin.  Bonnie lay down on the bed, and the fresh sea breeze wafting into the cabin from the open balcony door soon had her asleep.  She was surprised when she woke, it was dark inside and out.  She stepped out onto the balcony and watched the stars twinkle in the black night.  She thought about the conversation she and Guillermo had earlier.  ‘Maybe I am missing out on something, after all, millions of women read FSOG, loved it and said it changed their lives, maybe I should give it a chance.’
She slipped on a loose-fitting caftan and went in search of Guillermo.  She spotted him sitting at the bar on the Lido Deck, having a drink.  He was seated next to another woman. The green-eyed monster filled her with resolve as she walked up to them.
“What’s going on here?” she inquired.
“Millicent and I are having an aperitif after a delightful dinner, aren’t we?”
“Yes, it was delightful as is the company.” 
“Bonnie, let me introduce Millicent Fenton, she’s a fellow compatriot of yours.”
“Charmed." Bonnie said. "Guillermo, may I speak with you?”
“Certainly, cara.”
“Alone, if you please.”
“I’ll come to your cabin after Millicent and I have finished our drink unless you’d like to join us.”
“No, I don’t want to join you.” Bonnie practically stomped her foot as she walked off, without so much as a goodbye.
“Maybe, we better end the evening, Guillermo.  Your girlfriend looks annoyed.”
“Yes, she does, doesn’t she." He smiled to himself. "Let’s take our time and let her stew a little.  She’s been a little naughty today.”
“Oooh,” Millicent said.  They sat there another fifteen minutes or so while they finished their drinks.  Guillermo walked Millicent to her cabin and then proceeded to Bonnie’s stateroom.
He rapped gently on the door.  No reply.  He rapped a little firmer and still no reply.  A steward came by then.  Guillermo explained the situation and the steward rapped on the door and identified himself.  When she opened the door, there stood Guillermo.
“Hello, Cara.  I guess you didn’t hear me knock.” 
“I heard.”  The steward felt the temperature of the room rise and took his leave.
“So then, you were only acting childish again. I think, perhaps, you want that spanking.”
Suddenly, Bonnie felt all flushed, with butterflies having a field day in her tummy.”
“I think not.”
“Your face and your actions say differently.”  He took her over to the bed and put her across his knee.  He lifted the caftan and saw she was bare underneath.  ‘All the better’ he thought. 
The first spank echoed around the room. “Stop it, stop it this minute,” Bonnie yelled.
Her protest was met with another spank, much harder than the first.  She brought up her legs only to have him smack her calves and bring his leg over hers, holding her in place.
“Damn you, I said stop it,” he heard her say.  He noticed her tone was considerably different than before.  That's when he noticed the glistening on her thighs. He spanked a few more times then stopped spanking and began to caress those now reddened globes. He soon heard her mewling sounds.
"Shall I keep spanking or do you want to go on to other things, Cara?"
"Whatever you say, Guillermo."
He smiled to himself.

And so ends another tale on Aimless Rambling.



  1. Hi Sunny, you wouldn't know it's almost summer here the last couple of days, it's bee wet, windy and cool.

    Thanks for another great Monday story, I really enjoyed this. A new beginning for them both and an awakening for her :)


    1. Hope your weather improves soon. When it's dreary for too long, I start to get depressed.

      So happy you enjoyed the story.

  2. Hi Sunny, makes a change from a Christmas story set in the snow! Hope you have a good week,
    love Jan, xx

    1. Yeah,sunny climes always appeal to me rather than snow. You have a good week too.

  3. Lovely story. I like this couple. Will we have more from them? Thanks SG.


    1. So glad you enjoyed Ronnie. They may be back again. The writing muse hasn't spoken to me yet.

  4. Very good story. I'm with Ronnie, anymore to come on this couple?

    1. So glad you enjoyed - As I say to Ronnie, we'll see.

  5. Howdy neighbor (new mexico here)

    I stumbled across your blog here by following some kind of link maze.

    It is nice to meet you, leigh.

    You write very well. I enjoyed the short story.

    Couple things I liked in particular were the butterflies as he took charge. I love that I can still get them after all these years my boyfriend and I have been together.

    The second was how odd "protesting" can be when I lay across his lap. Sometimes I swear I mean them, but then he points out that I am literally soaking and getting his leg wet.

    Anyways, I hope to find the time to go thru your blog maybe later tonight or tomorrow.

    Nice story.

    amber xxx

    1. Welcome neighbor. Always happy to welcome new readers. Glad you enjoyed the story. Hope you'll be back again.

  6. Up until this week it has been unusually warm and dry here...snow and freezing temps are on their way...darn! Love you story, I will dream of cruising the Mediterranean...with my own Italian...to keep me warm.
    hugs abby

    1. So sorry abby - You know winter was going to catch up soon or later.
      Glad you enjoyed the story - cruising the Mediterranean is good fodder for dreams with your own Italian. I think he keeps you more than warm. lol

  7. Lovely story Sunny, enjoyed it and the way they found each other after both loosing their partners. Its been hot HOT Hot here, summer are last.

    Hugs Lindy xx

    1. You're telling about hot it is there and Roz is complaining about cool and wet. Continent to continent - mother nature keeps us all guessing.

  8. Rossano Brazzi, that's a blast from the past! Enjoyed this story, thanks Leigh.
    Rosie xx

    1. I know. I was a mere child when I saw the movie on TV - but boy did he make me take notice.

  9. Makes me want to go cruising! I love her start on her new life.

  10. What a teaser ending on this one, Sunny! Naughty girl yourself. Please do give us more of this couple. It was quite yummy.

    Hugs From Ella

  11. I am back! Have a few moments to visit and catch up a bit. :-) weather seems to change everyday here...but is definitely getting colder and colder... Hugs

    1. Saw the pix on FB - a snow day already. Wow. Always glad to have you come visit, stay warm.

  12. Been cold around here...no snow so not as bad as what Terps has got it but bitterly cold wind chills. Yuck.

    Loved this story, Sunny...yes, I would like to read more about these two. He's got a stinker streak while she's got a brat streak...wonderfully combustible combination. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  13. Hi Sunny! :) It is about to be very, very cold around here. I could take a nice cruise to Barcelona, with Rob of course! Sounds heavenly!

    I loved your story! I read it on my phone, when I woke up this morning, and was reading in bed. A nice way to start the day.

    Isabella wasted no time shooing her dad away! LOL! All's well that ends well... Bonnie took right to it! That will be one happy Guillermo! Fun story! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


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