Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wearing of the Green and Beating the Drum

I'm back again to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day.  Today is the day everyone seems to have a little Irish in them.  I actually do have some Irish in me on my father's side.  In honor of the day, I'm reposting.

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Katie Byrnes was born and raised in Rockwell.  Like all of her friends and many of her family, she loved Rockwell and had no desire to leave.  Winter in Rockwell, a coastal town on the northeast coast of the United States, could be challenging and this year was the worst winter they experienced in years. This year Mother Nature kept reminding the inhabitants she was in charge and if she wanted to keep them deep in snow, so be it. They all began to worry when the calendar turned to the middle of March and the snow kept coming.  Usually a sleepy little town, Rockwell was in fear that March 17th, would be white instead of green and that their annual celebration would be curtailed. Most of the population who either were Irish or wish they were Irish were worried; after all in Rockwell, St. Patrick's Day was almost a bigger holiday than Christmas.

They needn’t have worried.  Mother Nature must have a touch of the Irish because March 17th turned bright and beautiful.  Melting snow trickled down the sidewalks and streets and one of the inhabitants tinted the waters green. Everybody’s mood lifted and folks were out wearing their green and heading to Paddy’s for their annual celebration.

Back in the 1800’s, when Irish immigrants flocked to America, and the Boston area in particular, many of Rockwell’s ancestors were among them.  They settled in this area because in many ways it reminded them of home.  The rocky terrain, the green hillsides, waves breaking along the cliffs below were all familiar sights.  Life wasn’t easy for those early Irish immigrants and although many of them made a life in the city, some migrated to the outer regions to eek out a hardscrabble life farming.  The Byrnes family was one of the latter.

Katie’s ancestors started farming on leased acreage and eventually were able to buy their small plot of land.  The old farmhouse still existed, and although no longer habitable for humans, it was a reminder of their heritage and the roots bedded firmly in this rocky land.

The Brynes family no longer farmed for a living, because back during Prohibition Days, Paddy Byrnes engaged in bootlegging.  He transported the liquor from Canada to this sleepy little port.  Not on so grand a scale as to be noticed by law enforcement, they had bigger fish to fry, but enough to keep the locals happy and fill his family’s pockets.  When Prohibition ended, Paddy opened a restaurant and bar with his ill gotten gains. Paddy’s Place flourished year after year and generation after generation. Katie Byrnes worked her magic in the kitchen and had somewhat of a cult following.

All relatives, friends and friends of friends came back to Rockwell for St. Patrick’s Day.  It grew larger every year, and all the local motels, and bed and breakfasts were filled to capacity.  Naturally,  Paddy’s Place was the gathering place for all. Along with every other family member, Katie’s brother Rob came home along with his work mate Sean and Sean’s brother, Shamus for this year’s celebration.

 Rob and Sean Murray had a successful home restoration business. Their reputation for fine craftsmanship and attention to detail kept them busy – too busy to have time for a personal life but they always managed to make time to get to Rockwell for St. Patrick’s Day.  This year, they convinced Shamus to join them. The three of them walked in the door and Rob scanned the room for his mother and sister. Mary Catherine, the matriarch of the Byrnes family,  always helped Katie in the kitchen on this day and through their busy summer season. 

“I wasn’t sure you two would be able to get away, or even get here for that matter,” his mother said as she came to greet them.

“We wouldn’t miss this day here for anything, you should know that.”

“Mam, this here is my brother Shamus, we brought him along because he’s never had a proper St. Patrick’s Day.”

Shamus was reaching in to give Mam a hug when he spotted a vision across the room.  Coming toward them was a slip of a girl with strawberry blonde hair; curly tendrils escaped, framing her face. Her bright blue eyes crinkled as she smiled and her creamy complexion called out to be touched.  Mam couldn’t help but notice she had been abandoned in favor of something more compelling and when she turned to look, a knowing grin appeared on her face.

“Ah, I see why I’ve been replaced,” Mam said as Katie appeared and was smothered by Sean and Rob.

“Katie, I’d like to introduce my brother Shamus.” She looked at him and smiled, offering her hand.  He couldn’t seem to formulate a word much less a sentence and merely took her hand and brought it to his lips for a kiss.

“You’re a charmer, aren’t you?” she said to him.

“Oh, yeah, a snake charmer, maybe,” his brother Sean said laughingly.  Rob laughed along with him but Shamus still couldn’t seem to speak.

By this time, the rest of the Byrne’s clan came to greet the newcomers and guide them to the booth tucked in the corner.  After a bit of visiting, Katie excused herself. She had to get back to the kitchen.  Shamus’ eyes watched her go.  He was mesmerized by the gentle sway of her hips as she moved away.

“Katie is a looker, isn’t she?” his brother Sean said.

“That she is, but it seems to be more than that Sean.  It’s strange.  I’ve never had a problem talking to anyone, anytime.”

Rob laughed.  “My sister, Katie, has had that affect on men before.  Growing up all of my friends were in love with her, but I don’t ever recall her being with anyone more than a time or two.  Of course, I’m not around that much anymore but I don’t think it’s changed.”

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to give it a shot.”

“Katie’s a big girl and makes her own choices.  Besides, I don’t want to be held responsible if you get your heart broken.” Rob smiled as he watched Shamus’s eyes follow Katie.


Shamus didn’t have much alone time with Katie that evening.  It was much too busy and crowded.  He managed to ask if she might be willing to go out with him sometime.  Her response was that he knew where to find her. 

Sean was her brother’s friend and partner but she never experienced anything but brotherly love for him.  Shamus was a different matter, she was in immediate lust.  He was as handsome as Sean.  Not overly tall, but well built, and the way his jeans molded to his body gave her shivers.  He had tons of black hair that he was constantly pushing off his face.  His eyes were the color of cold steel and he sported the two- day growth of beard look that seemed to be so popular today, he almost looked a little sinister.  She loved that bad boy look and Shamus definitely had that look. She knew he had been taken with her but she didn’t get too excited. 

Katie had learned very early on men often found her beautiful and charming and wanted a piece of her.  There weren’t that many eligible men in and around Rockwell, and those that were, she had known from childhood so they were friends, not romantic partners.  The men that came for the summer season, were not interested in a local girl for more than the season and she had never allowed herself to be caught up in one of those summer romances. She’d wait and see if Shamus called, if he did she would take it one step at a time.


Shamus did call.  He called and asked her to dinner.  Since he didn’t live locally, she offered to meet him halfway between.  He would have none of it.

“I’m an old fashioned guy.  I pick up my dates at the door and deliver them back to the door at the end of the evening and I don’t want any arguments about who’s going to pay for what.  I pay, end of subject.

“Isn’t that a little macho for this day and age?”

“Maybe so, but that’s me.”

“Well, you are certainly chatty tonight.  Last week I thought you might be the strong, silent type and wondered how we were going to get through an entire evening with no conversation.”

“I was so overcome by your beauty…”

“I know your name is Shamus Murray and you’re Irish, but enough blarney, okay,” she told him.  He laughed and said he would see her on Friday.

He picked her up on Friday and they went to one of the local restaurants.  They had a great evening.  Shamus talked about his life as a freelance journalist and wildlife photographer. He shared some of his travel stories.  Katie shared how she loved Rockwell and came back after college to take over the kitchen at Paddy’s when her Mam and Pap wanted to retire.  When they finally walked out to the car, it was snowing and had been for some time.  It was a slow treacherous ride to her house. Katie invited him to spend the night.

“Are you propositioning me Katie?” 

She laughed.  “Not exactly, more like safeguarding you.  It’s a long ride back to the city and…”

“I see.  How can I turn down an offer like that?”

At her bungalow, she lit a fire, poured some brandy and they continued getting acquainted.  One thing led to another and soon they were in each other’s arms.

“Before this gets out of hand, I’ll go get the linens to make up your bed.”

“Are you telling me, I’m relegated to this couch, it’s not long enough for me.  I promise I’ll stay on my side of the bed.”

“Don’t whine; it’s not attractive. Maybe it’s not you I trust to keep away, maybe it’s me.  Besides, this couch opens into a bed, so you will have plenty of room.”

“Does that mean if I push a little harder, you might give in.”

“It means you’re sleeping out here,” and she pushed him down on the couch.  He pulled her with him and she landed over his lap. Such a tempting target, it must be the luck of the Irish; his natural reflex took over and he gave her a couple of swats on her bottom.

“I’ve been wanting to do that and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity – after all you did  land in my lap.You have a beautiful ass, well at least what I’ve seen and I’ve been fantasizing about it since we met. Is that a problem?”

“No problem. It’s better than being an ass and by the way you have a beautiful ass too.”

“Why you cheeky little thing.  You are naughty and I am not at all sorry I spanked you.”

“You call that a spanking.”

“Oh, I can do much better than that.”  

Katie woke first and started the coffee.  As the aroma wafted into the living room, Shamus woke and realized where he was.  He followed the aroma of the coffee and found Katie bending over in front of the oven.  Oh, look at that delicious tush, I would love to see that bare bottom over my knee.  His manhood twitched reminding him to quickly head for the bathroom. 

After coffee and a freshly baked scone he remarked to Katie he liked waking up to her.

“Oh, honey, waking up with me can be so much better.  Hang around long enough and you may just get lucky.”

“You, Katie, are a very cheeky girl and cheeky girls can end up, end up.”

“I think you are pretty cheeky yourself.  What you’re thinking is not what I meant.  I meant that I could prepare waffles, or French Toast, or crepes or any number of items far better than scones.”

“Wow, is my face red.” 

She laughed at him.  “You are way too trusting.”

“Why you little minx.”  He pulled her over to him and gave her a couple of swats on her amazing tush. He sat her down on his lap.  “I really think you need a proper spanking and I’m just the man to deliver.”

“Promises, promises,” she said and his manhood was at attention again, only this time she was still sitting on his lap and he was quite sure she could feel his attraction.

Shamus heard his cell phone ringing, the only problem was it was in the other room and he didn’t want to stand at the moment.

“Aren’t you going to get that?” she asked.

“It will go to voice mail.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to get that?” She squirmed around on his lap making his erection grow and harden.  The next thing she knew he was pulling her to him and kissing her deeply.  His twisted his fingers into that strawberry blonde hair and pulling her head  back and gave him access to that soft spot vulnerable spot under her chin and down her throat. She moaned her pleasure and her hand drifted to his manhood.

“Not yet, my sweet Irish Lass.  I have other plans for you.” 

He stood, and carried her to her bedroom, dropping her down on the still tussled bed.  He pulled her nightshirt up over her head and used it to tie her wrists together.  Rolling her over on her tummy he used his fingers to gently trail down her back, her tush, her thighs, down her calves to her ankles and the bottom of her feet. Then, he traversed the pattern up her calves, to the back of her knee, to her inner thigh and back to her bottom.  The next thing she felt was the flat of his hand on her right cheek. She just processed the sting when she felt the same sensation on her left cheek.  She received two more spanks on each cheek and then he rubbed the sting away.  His magic fingers trailed down her body again tracing the earlier pattern; and while she anticipated another smack on her bottom, she was surprised to find his fingers fondling her slick wet channel before pleasuring her.  He rolled her over on her back and untied the night shirt.  She reached for him but he pulled away and rose from the bed.

“Not today, there will be plenty of time for that.  This was all about you my beautiful Irish rose,” and headed to the shower to tamp down his raging manhood.

Katie lay on the bed, listening to the shower, and planning how she was going to lure Shamus back to bed.  Maybe she would have to rely on the luck of the Irish.  “Leprachaun, oh Leprachaun, where are thou?” she laughed as Shamus came out of the bathroom wearing a towel wrapped around his waist.

She smiled and looked up at the little leprachaun peeking out of the corner with his lucky charm and pot of gold.

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  1. Thanks for a very fun story Sunny...I would love to read more about this couple...have a feeling they could get very feisty. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...

  2. Wonderful fun story Sunny, really enjoyed this and I too would love to read more:) Wishing you and Ray an early Happy St. Patrick's day.


  3. Hi Sunny, cute story. Hope you and Ray have a Happy St Patrick's Day tomorrow
    love Jan,xx

    1. Happy St. Pat's day to you too. Is it popular in your neck of the woods?

  4. Nice one SG. Wishing you and Ray a Happy St Patrick's Day for tomorrow.


    1. Thanks Ronnie - same to you and P, or just happy day.

  5. Hi Sunny, great story, is there more about them? I enjoyed reading how this developed and would love to read more about them. Happy St. Patrick's Day!



    1. Anything is possible NiNa, at the moment nothing is in the works with them.

  6. It makes me want to be Irish! Another fun couple Sunny.

  7. I know I commented. I wonder what happened? I loved this couple. However you tweaked it...I thoroughly enjoyed this!

    1. There's some glitch with the post and two comment sections, The first comment is probably below.

      Glad you enjoyed.


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