Thursday, March 12, 2015


Roz asked:  Have you done much traveling outside of the US?  Have been to Canada and Mexico and many Carribbean islands.

Who is someone you admire and why? The name that comes to mind is the Dahli Llama but I admire anyone who is truly a force for good in this world.  We need them as an example of what we could all become.

How did you and Ray meet?  My roommate was his secretary.


Ronnie asked:

What first attracted you to Ray?  The first time we met, we didn't like each other at all. We both thought the other arrogrant. The next time we met, a couple of years later, I realized he was a good conversationalist and was amazed at how much we had in common.  So I guess his personality or his arrogance.  (lol)

What book are you currently reading?  Bill O'Reilly's book KILLING PATTON and Finding Southern Comfort by Barbara Lohr.  Next up, The Conquered Wives series and Jane's Harmony.

If you could meet with a famous person, living or dead that you have never met before, who would it be?  Abraham Lincoln, hands down.

Do you have a fantasy that you would love to live out?  Have to say that I can't think of a fantasy that I haven't experienced - but the door is always open.

I've loved your books I've read so far. Do you have another one in the pip line?  Yes, I'm about 1/3 of the way through the next book.  No title though.


Jan asked:
What was Ray's reaction when you first asked him to spank you?  He's always swatted me and being a booty man, he didn't have a problem.  

Have you any hobbies other Nthan spanking ?  Well, I write, I am and always have been an avid reader, I paint, I love playing games.
Minelle asked:
 Do you remember the first Romantic spanking book you ever read? What was the title?

I remember reading several books where I thought the herione should be spanked (i.e. Gone with the Wind for one) but the first one that comes to mind is The Yankee Pasha by Frank Yerby

NiNa asked:
Have you used descriptions of your own spankings in one of your books? No, I actually wish I experienced some of my book spankings, I think.

What kind of things make you laugh? Lots of things, a good joke, a funny hat, little ones, life

PK Corey asked:

What's your favorite thing to do on vacation. Nothing.

If you had a beach trip planned, what's the best part? Thinking of a couple I have coming up and it's meeting friends and being near the water.  I love the water.

Can you snow ski?  I can, but I don't like it.  I never quite caught the concept of paying to be cold.

Would you ever want to be the spanker?  No.  Okay, maybe a swat or to and I do that now.

Cat asked:

What four people (and their spouse/partner), living or dead, would you invite for an evening of drinks and dinner?  Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt and
Theresa Caputo

Would Ray's choices be the same or different?  Different, he chose Eva Mendes, John Wayne, Michele and Barack Obama

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask - March is only half over.  See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. Great answers - I think I knew some of them. Glad you have another book coming.

  2. Loved your answers - so relate to the skiing one, just don't get the appeal :)

  3. Loved the read and thanks for answers my questions. Look forward to your next book.


  4. Thank you for your great answers, I loved them. I can understand so well that you prefer being at the sea side. We love that too.



  5. I loved all these questions and answers and don't think there is much more I could think of. But how about we come visit you and Ray one day? And if we did, which place would you recommend?


    1. Depends on what you wanted to see, but I think the most beautiful place is along the coast of California from San Luis Obispo to the Redwood Forest and up to Oregon.

  6. HI Sunny, nice answers, looking forward to the next book
    love Jan,xx

  7. Thanks so much Sunny...loved your answers...Franklin Roosevelt is on my dinner party list so that would include Eleanor! Please thank Ray for his answers...John Wayne is on my dinner party list also! :D

    Hugs and Blessings...

  8. Great answers. What are some of your favorite games?

    1. I love card and word games, but am open to most anything. Thanks for asking.

  9. Enjoyed reading your answers Sunny, thank you for answering my questions. The Dahli Lama is a wonderful choice and I love both of your dinner party lists.


  10. Loved your answers - as I knew I would! :)
    Do you prefer being called Leigh now or do you still enjoy SunnyGirl? I've often wondered

  11. Catching up...I always think of my own answers when i read these...we had several similar ones...
    hugs abby

  12. loved reading your answers...thank-you for sharing... :-) Hugs


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