Monday, January 13, 2014

What's a Little Spanking Among Friends

Miranda Summers, Mickey Mason, Belinda Marshall, Diane Lee and Dixie Matthews had met their freshman year in college.  Miranda and Mickey were roommates;  Belinda and Diane lived in the same dorm, two doors down.  Dixie and Miles had attended high school together and had an apartment off campus.  They all met at the Student Union building one bright fall day when Dixie overheard a conversation between Miranda and Diane. Eavesdropping was a bad habit of Dixie’s but had provided lots of entertainment for her and Miles over the years.  When Miranda realized Dixie was listening in on their conversation she started making up this elaborate story about eliminating one of their professors.  The more bizarre the story grew, the closer Dixie listened.  Finally, thinking to embarrass Dixie, Miranda turned around and asked her if she had heard enough. Miles was laughing so hard he had tears running down his cheeks.  Dixie, finally realizing, she’d been had was laughing too.  After that, the six of them had become inseparable and at graduation made a pact, they would stay forever friends.  For the most part, they had.

Dixie was the glue that kept them together.  Miles lived in Manhattan with Jamey in a downtown Tribeca loft.  Dixie had moved to Manhattan after graduation and lived in a family owned apartment, as did her brother Dick when he came into town.  Mickey was visiting one weekend and met Dick for the first time.  They fell in love and were married the following summer.  After marriage,  they moved to Escondido to be close to Miramar where Dick was stationed.

 Diane moved to Los Angeles to accept a job after college and had met and married her now husband, Billy Bonder.  She and Billy had three kids.   She and Mickey were in constant touch with each other and with Dixie.

Belinda married her high school sweetheart and still lived in her hometown of Bethany, PA.  About twice a year, Belinda would travel to the city to have lunch or dinner with Dixie, Miles and Miranda if she was around.

Miranda, the gadabout of the group, still roamed the world searching for something she could never quite put her finger on.

Miles had made good on his promise that he would be a millionaire by the time he was thirty.  To celebrate the event, he arranged a weekend in The Hamptons for his college friends.

Miranda and Dixie were trust fund babies and a trip to the Hamptons was a frequent occurrence for them.  Dick, being a Matthews, was also a trust fund baby but he insisted he and Mickey live on his salary as a Navy Seal, something that Mickey railed against more often than not, so spending a weekend in Long Island’s posh coastline was not a frequent occurrence for her.  Belinda and Diane were the typical American households and spending a weekend in the Hamptons was a big deal and stuff they read about in papers and magazines.

The five girls were sitting on the deck of Miles Langston’s leased house, smoking pot. Not a husband in sight.  Miles was an interior designer and had made a lucky connection senior year in college.  He met Jamey at a seminar and they became fast friends and eventually lovers.  Jamey introduced Miles to his sister who asked him to redo her Manhattan apartment.  Brighton loved what Miles had done and then recommended him to several of her friends and then and then and then.
He was in great demand and it had taken a lot of planning on everyone’s part to make this weekend happen.  Miles had leased this house in the Hamptons for the summer and had invited and paid for a trip for his five best friends.  He planned on making it memorable.  Tonight it was just going to be the six of them but he and Dixie had invited some of the Hampton notables to a party for Saturday. 

The house came with a cook and housekeeper and they all decided to spend the first afternoon just lazing around the house and pool or walking down to the beach.  The clubs didn’t begin to come alive until 11:00 pm so after a dinner of steamed lobster, the girls retreated to their rooms.  The traveling along with sun, the pot and a delicious dinner had taken its toll and a little nap before heading out for the night seemed a good idea. 

Nap over and all dressed up, they departed in the limo arranged by Miles.  The club was filled to the max and was a veritable Who’s Who of the fashion industry.  Miranda, Miles and Dixie were having a blast.  Belinda, Diane and Mickey were awe struck and a little overwhelmed, but Miranda kept plying them with drinks, and it wasn’t long before they were all giddy.  Things were getting a little out of control and Miles suggested calling it a night and going back to the house before one of them passed out.

Once back in the house, they all gathered on the patio and started telling each other their darkest secrets.  Miranda had the juiciest tales to tell.  Being a world traveler, wealthy and gorgeous, there was no end to the list of men which whom she had dalliances.  She was telling a story about a Spaniard she dated and how as part of their lovemaking, she was commanded to use her vibrator until she reached orgasm and then he spanked her for being a naughty girl. 

“What did you like more Miranda girl?’ Miles asked.

“Oh, I would hate having to make a choice.” She purred.

“How about you Dixie, what choice would you make?”  he asked

“Oh, there are two things I never leave home without, one is my American Express card, and the other, well guess what the other is?” Everyone laughed.

“C’mon girls, spill it.  We want the skinny from all of you.”  Miles continued to push the envelope.

“Miles, I think since you keep urging this conversation on, we should hear from you first.”  Miles blushed.

“Frankly, I’ll take the spanking any day and twice on Sunday,” he replied.

“Ooohh, do tell,” Miranda asked.

“What is there to tell?  I like being spanked and Jamey grants my requests. He wields a mean belt.  We have never played with vibrators. I think maybe we’re missing something.”

“I’ve never been spanked, but I sure like my vibrator,” Diane said.

“You mean to tell me that Billy has never spanked you.  Not even a couple of swats here and there?” Dixie asked

“Nope, never has.  Guess he’s not an ass man.”

“How about you B, what are you going to share?”

“Awww, do I have too?”

“When did you turn into such a spoil sport?” Dixie teased her

“Okay, I guess I would be with Miranda.  I couldn’t make a choice.  We play with vibrators and other toys all the time and as for spanking,  it’s usually part of our foreplay.   Don’t forget, we’ve been together forever and we keep trying new things so it doesn’t get stale.  We live in a small town and there’s not much to do so we make our own fun.”

“Your turn Mickey.  Fess up.”

“Are you sure you want to hear this?  After all he is your brother Dix.”

“I’m a big girl.  I can handle it.  Actually, it will be something I can hold over his head,” Dixie responded laughingly.

“Well, as you can imagine, Dickie is gone a lot so my vibrator gets a lot of use when he’s gone and when he’s home.  The one item I never run out of is double A batteries.  The other thing is, Dickie is a military man and runs a tight ship.”

“What’s that mean Mickey?”

“It means just what it sounds like.  He’s the commander and I’m the swabbie. There are rules and regulations and I follow them.  If not, he disciplines me.  Most often, he spanks me and it’s not the fun kind.”

“You’re kidding.  My brother spanks you for real,” Dixie said.

‘Oh yeah.  And there have been times I have the bruises to prove it.  As you well know, I’m not too good at rules and regulations.  He keeps trying to train me to be a good Navy wife.”

‘I’m goin’ kill him.  How dare he treat you that way?  You have to report him.  I can’t believe the Navy would allow their officers to get away with domestic abuse.”

“Calm down, Dixie.  It’s not domestic abuse, it’s spanking."

“He leaves bruises, that’s abuse.”

“Give me a break.  It is not.  I have a safe word and I’ve never used it.  He has taken an oath to protect our country and its inhabitants, do you really think I don’t trust him to take care of me.  Chill girl.”

“Are  you sure?” Dixie asked?”

“I’m sure.  Can we lighten up now?  This is getting way too heavy.  Who started this anyway?”

“It was Dixie, maybe we should spank her.” Belinda said.  Laughing all around the room.

“I go first.” Miles said. 

He stood up, and pulled Dixie to the nearest chair, bent her over and gave her bottom a few sharp spanks.

“Let that be a lesson to you.  We’re here to have fun.” He told her.

The next day Miles excused himself saying he had an errand to run. He drove into the closest town having a sex shop and bought a various assortment of sex toys, implements and batteries.  His planned to give everyone a parting gift.  He also bought a couple of things for him and Jamey to try when they were together again.

The girls walked down to the beach and lay in the sun and braved the cold water of the Atlantic.  Miranda had spotted a former lover and joined him.

“It’s not the Spaniard is it?  Because if it is, I want to watch.” Mickey yelled. As they strolled off down the beach.

Miranda ignored them as best she could.  They had mixed some mimosa’s and pina colada’s to take with them and were feeling the effects.  After a couple of hours of imbibing their cocktails in the sun,   it was time to return to the house for a nap.

On the walk back, Mickey’s phone rang.  She was surprised to see if was from Dickey.  He had been out on a mission and didn’t think he would be back for a while.  She automatically went into worry mode.

“Hey, honey.  Is everything okay? "

“Yes, baby.  Everything’s fine.  Missing you like crazy though.  Where are you?”

“Honey, this is our reunion weekend.  Miles rented a house in the Hamptons."

“You’re kidding.  That’s great.  I am in the city.  We flew in earlier and I just debriefed and I am free for the next ten days or until another emergency arises.  I’ll hire a car to take me out."

“You, hire a car, Commander We Are Living On My Salary Matthews.  Wow, you must really miss me.”

“Baby, don’t let your mouth start getting you in trouble.  You know I would hate to have to spank that luscious ass as soon as I get my hands on you.”

“Somehow I don’t believe that.  Just get here."

The phone rang again.  She picked up and heard:

“I  need an address.”

“Are you telling me you wouldn’t be able to find me without an address.  I’m disappointed , Commander.”

“You’re cruisin’, girl and you don’t even have a boat,” she laughed and rattled off the address.

Mickey told everybody the news and Dixie hugged her.  She knew how much Mickey worried when Dick was out on assignment.  Mickey excused herself and went up to shower.   She joined everyone on the deck when she was finished.  Miranda had rejoined them with her old friend.  Miles produced a bong and they were all partaking when he brought out his presents.

“I planned on doing this tomorrow, but since Dick is coming later, maybe it’s better to do this now.”

The packages were all unwrapped and batteries inserted.  A comparison of size and power had them all hysterical.  Sweet Diane didn’t know what half the toys were.  She thought the nipple clips were a bracelet of some sort.  They were laughing so hard,  they were crying . 

Dick walked in, took in the scene, grabbed Mickey and swung her around, kissing her deeply.  He put her down, went over kissed his sister.

“Sit down, have a drink and join us.  Miles was sweet enough to buy all these toys for us as parting gifts,” Mickey said.

“Parting gifts, huh,”  Dick picked up a couple of the toys and then laid eyes on a  leather paddle.  When he picked it up, Dixie looked at him.

“I hear you are very good at wielding that paddle, little brother.”

He looked at Mickey and the color was creeping up her neck.

“I think someone has been telling tales out of school,” he looked at her with the eyebrow cock that always gave her butterflies.

“You want to give it a try, little sis,” he asked Dixie.

“No thanks.   I like slap and tickle but I don’t like that look in your eye.”

He laughed.  “Smart girl.”

They started disbursing to get ready for the evening.  Mickey and Dick made good use of the time.  They were all over each other like white on rice.  It was always like this when they came together.  Mickey thought about it often and felt the intensity was a release of the fear she held onto when he was on a mission.

They were finally both sated and spent and able to generate enough energy to hit the shower.  He was at the vanity shaving and Mickey applying makeup when she heard:

“So, you told everybody I spank you?” he asked, his voice taking on a stern tone.

“Yea, I guess so,” she answered hesitantly.

“How did that come about?”

“Miranda relayed a story about a dating experience with vibrators and spanking.  Before you knew it, everybody was sharing a story.  I asked Dixie if she was sure she wanted to hear and she assured me she did, so I did.”

“How do you feel about that?”

“You know,  I thought I would be embarrassed if anyone found out, but among my friends, it didn’t seem to matter.”

“Good, because then you won’t care if I try out that nice new gift before we amble on down to the party.”

“You can’t be serious,” she asked.

‘Oh, but I am.”   He led her over to the bed, pulled her across his lap and delivered ten sharp hand spanks to her bare bottom.

“Ouch, that hurts.”

“Really, well how about this?” and delivered ten more spanks with the leather paddle.

“Yes, it hurts,” he let her up, gave her another slap on her bottom and told her to go get dressed.

“Remember, there’s more of where that came from if you don’t behave yourself tonight,”  he grinned.

“Now I know you are really here.  Welcome home sweetie.”

They joined the party and by the looks on the faces of his sister and her friends, he knew they knew what had happened upstairs.  He didn’t care. He placed his hand on Mickey’s ass and gave her a little pat.