Friday, July 13, 2018

I'm Still Here

Just dropping by to say hello.  

Monsoon season is here - yeah and nay.  We did get rain - the first storm was a doozy with winds at 60 mph, swirling dust and downed trees and power lines.  We escaped.  The second night it was a lovely rain, with thunder and lightning. we don't get much rain or electrical storms here so they are always a treat.  I think the best ones ever were in Colorado - even better than the ones over the water, maybe because the air is thinner.  Anyway don't know the reason but...

The temps finally dropped but now the humidity is up so even though it's cooler, it's still not comfortable. It's an exciting weather season here in Arizona - Monsoons are joined by haboobs.  Haboob, you say you've never heard of it - it's a humungous dust storm - sometimes so bad that you can't even see your hand in front of your face.  Clean up stinks.

Checkout caption on pic. Can you imagine this wall of dust coming at you?.

Had a lovely visit with my niece and her family last week.  We met in Tempe for dinner at a place called Culinary Dropout.  Had to google it to find out what I was getting us into.  It's a huge place, not too far off ASU's campus, and just the kind of place young people love.  

No visit to Tempe is complete without a stop at IKEA for the meatballs and the pillows I love. I always stock up on both.  It's funny the pillows are cheap, and I do mean cheap, but they are the best. Ray recently convinced me to get one of these My Pillows - $50.00.  I listened and I absolutely hate it. Give me my IKEA pillow every time.

Have a busy week coming up.  I think I've mentioned that Ray is having one of those milestone birthdays and we've invited friends and family to join in celebration.  He always had the notion that he wasn't going to live past 62 - well he's done that and more.  Yeah!!! 

Enough for now.  See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. Sunny,
    Happy Birthday to Ray and enjoy the brief coolness of rain.

  2. That dust storm looks horrible! Many of the dangers of a blizzard and ugly to boot. I don't know what my pillow is right now, but it's the best I've ever had. I need to check the label and get another for standby.

    My man is having a birthday tomorrow - and he's close behind Ray. Hope his day is great.

  3. Oh yay! Love hearing from you!
    The dust storm looks horrible!
    Hope Ray’s celebration is wonderful! My guy often says—- he doesn’t expect to live long because of his field of work. Hope he is like Ray and proves his musings incorrect!

  4. Yikes! ... that dust storm looks apocalyptic! ...

    It's interesting that Ray is outliving his expectations ... Frank's Dad passed away in his late 50's so he has always had a fear he'd suffer the same genetic fate. I tell him to look at his Mom instead, who celebrates her 90th in a couple of weeks.

    Have a wonderful milestone birthday celebration for Ray, Sunny! ... nj ... xx

  5. Hi Sunny, Happy Birthday to Ray. I hope he has a fabulous day.Big hug
    love Jan, xx

  6. Good to hear from you, Sunny. That dust storm looks horrendous, I’ve never heard of those.
    Happy milestone birthday to Ray.
    Rosie xx

  7. Wow I've never heard of a haboob either! Happy birthday to Ray, and may you both have a fabulous time with family and friends!

    Where I live it's starting to get really wet too - storms in the middle of the night - but that means nice cool weather in the mornings :)

  8. Happy Birthday to Ray....may he keep on exceeding! That is some dust storm...been mostly sunny and HOT...way too HOT here...but then in a few months I will be complaining about that 4 letter work...hugs abby

  9. SG,

    Dust storm looks awful. Please wish Ray a very Happy Birthday. Hope he has a wonderful day.


  10. Sounds like some fun weather. With hurricane season ramping up again I am trying to prepare. Flashlights, candles, water, alternate shelter. Fun stuff. Tell Ray happy birthday!

  11. It's a happy day when we hear from our Sunny Girl. And Happy Birthday to your Ray.

    "As you get older, three things happen. First your memory goes, and I can't remember the other two."


  12. Hi Sunny,

    Great to hear from you! Glad you had a lovely visit with your niece and family. I love a good electrical storm and the dust storms sound awful!

    A very Happy Birthday to Ray! Hope you both have a wonderful time celebrating :)


  13. I love Arizona monsoons. There is something magical about running out in a giant ten minute storm, getting soaked, and finding yourself completely dry twenty minutes later. Happy Birthday to Ray!


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