Thursday, October 8, 2015

HAVE I EVER????? Part II

I've borrowed this meme from many others and I'm not sure where it started.  I remember reading the answers on Terps, PK, Minelle and Abby and Hermione.  If  I've missed you, I'm sorry.  I do know I have a lot more yesses on this one.


Danced down a street in Maine: I've walked down a street, never danced.

Seen the seals on a pier in San Francisco: Yes, and in Monterey, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, and a few other places.

Stubbed your toe three times in one day:  Don't think so, if I did I don't remember so in my book it didn't happen.

Been to Disney World:  Many times and every other damn attraction in the Orlando area. Used to live in Florida and served as family tour guide.  Same thing when we lived in CA.

Laughed til you cried:  Lord yes.

Injured yourself sneezing:  Not yet, but I have had fluid leaks.

Been playing a game with a child only to realize you are still playing long after they left: Oh, yeah.

Spun yourself dizzy:  Yes, when I was younger, and I still am.

Said I love you and meant it:  Almost every day.

Stopped and truly looked at the beauty in nature before you:  Every day and I always am grateful for the opportunity.

Spent a lazy Christmas day eating hot dogs:  No, but we have ordered Chinese.

Heard someone say hello and say hello back only to realize they were talking to someone else:  More times that I'd like to admit. Oh, I just did.

Wished upon the first star of night while reciting the Starlight poem:  Hasn't everyone?

Opened your front door to be greeted by a hissing snake:  Only the two legged kind.

Eaten peanut butter straight out of the jar:  On more than one occasion.

Gone into the woods and screamed as loud as you could:  Not lately, but I'm thinking I should.

Been so sleep deprived to make a potentially dangerous mistake and even though everything turned out fine, felt guilty:  Yes, dozed while driving across a bridge in MA on the way to Cape Cod and right through a red light. Ooops.  

Gone outside on a rainy summer day with an umbrella so you could dance while "Singing in the Rain":  A summer rain is so special, so many times and left the umbrella inside. If I sang it was to myself.

Ever watched a lightening storm: OMG, so many times.  They are beautiful. Two places I've lived have spectacular lightening storms - Colorado and Florida.

Spoken in a completely made-up language, just for fun:  Does baby talk count? Maybe pig latin as a kid.

Written a children's book and tried to publish it:  Wrote and illustrated a children's book for an assignment to receive my CDA.  Never tried to get it published.

Felt the magic of holding someone's hand:  Oh yeah.

Kissed someone at midnight:  Yes

Written a novel: No, written stories and novellas, though.

Smiled so much your cheeks ached:  Yes and laughed that much too.

Followed your dreams and started your own business:  No, but Ray has, and I was the silent partner.

Cried during a commercial: As Jude Law says in one of my favorite movies 'The Holiday,' I am a major weeper over just about anything.

Jumped in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean:  and the Pacific too.

Done the hula in Hawaii:  Yes, and thankfully it didn't end up on You Tube.

Followed a butterfly:  Younger days.

Finger painted as an adult (w/o a child present):  No, I've only used brushes or a pallette knife.

Fallen up the stairs:  Too many times to count.

Fallen down the stairs:  I'm sure I have.

Walked into a wall when you were completely sober:  Yup!!, glass doors too.

Started to get in the wrong car:  No

Had a pet bunny, chinchilla, or fish:  No bunnies, but my mom had a chinchilla coat, does that count.  Ray and I have had an aquarium and an outdoor fish pond, so yes to the fish. We have also had dogs, Alfred, Lancer and Sunny Girl and cats, Bummer, Amber, Baylor, Onyx, Ms. Stripe, Cutie Pie, Joannie and the list goes on.

Played truth or dare:  Yes, both drunk and sober and/or stoned.

Felt close to someone you've never met: Silly question for bloggers.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. Love your answers Sunny! This was so much fun to read and some of these made me giggle. Thanks for sharing :) A lot of yes answers. I think it would be fantastic to publish your children's story. You could be an author of children's books and spanking fiction :) Hmmm lol


  2. A chinchilla coat does NOT count! But I like the rest of your answers. You have lived in some beautiful places so I know you've really got to enjoy looking at nature.

    1. You can't blame a girl for trying.

      I agree I have lived in some beautiful places - this is a beautiful country.

  3. OK, Sunny. I have one more question for you. Have you ever played truth or dare with PK? Love reading the answers to these. Thanks for the smiles.


    1. No, we haven't played truth and dare. Maybe we'll have to try it at our next get together.
      Glad you enjoyed.

  4. Sunny you are a lucky lady. So many experiences and places as well!
    I didn't know about the CDA. I would enjoy reading your project!
    I should have added the dog pets I have in my answers! Lol

    1. Don't I know it!!!.

      I no longer even have a copy of it of the project. It was pretty cool and long before I started writing here.

  5. Hi Sunny, cool answers, and definitely some great funny ones. Wow, I knew that you had pets, but I thought along the line of two or three, not like half a zoo. Awesome. Once baby is there we'll hopefully get our own dog too.
    I would love to see your children's book, I am sure it would be great fun for kids to read it.



    1. Thanks NiNa. I love animals. I hope you are able to get that doggie. Kids need pets.

      The book is long gone.

  6. Loved your answers Sunny. Are you planning on getting a new fur baby once you get settled in to your new non-rolling home? Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Not right away, Cat. I do missing having them though.

  7. Hi Sunny loved your answers. We had a menagarie when all the kids were living at home with so many pets. Would love another fur baby but not allowed to at this stage.
    Hugs Lindy

  8. Hi Sunny. Loved reading your answers and I see again that we have much in common. I had been inspired by Ami original questions and since many of my answers were "no" I wanted to come up with a list of questions I could answer "yes" to and thus this was based on my own personal experiences.
    :-) I love the names of all your furry friends, and no, a chinchilla coat does not count. My mom told me she had a fur rabbit jacket for a while and when I was a baby I spit up all over it and so she got rid of I don't think that would count either. :-) Hugs

  9. I love reading these....seems you were always destined to be a writer.
    hugs abby


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