Monday, November 3, 2014


Marjorie paddled her kayak up the river to her usual landing.  It was late fall and the river, enhanced by the summer storms, was running strong and true.  The solitude of the river fed her soul and she reveled in her little place of paradise.  It was once a summer fishing shack back when this part of the state had lured tourists from far and wide to fish in the clear mountain lakes and rivers of Sommersby County.  Marjorie had come across it on a hiking tour years ago.  It was love at first sight and she researched its history and tracked down the owner.  It turned out to belong to a family that hadn’t known it existed until it was deeded to them as part of an estate.  They had no interest in keeping it and sold it to Marjorie for a song. 

Over the course of years, Marjorie became a Home Depot do-it-yourselfer and transformed the old fishing shack into a habitable cottage that housed herself, her dog Penny and an occasional overnight guest.

In the summer, she had quite a few neighbors in the riverside community.  Once October 1st rolled around, they departed for the flatlands and milder temps.  This was the best time of year for Marjorie.  She was a freelance writer and only occasionally had to venture from her environs for work. 

She had pulled her kayak from the river and brought it up the bank, covered it with a tarp when she heard a voice tell her she forgot the oar.  Startled, she turned around and found the stranger was right, the oar was still on the ground.

“Thank you.  I’m Marjorie Kincaid,” she told him extending her hand in a handshake.

“I’m Oliver Bennett.” His hand dwarfed hers and the feel of his rough hands sent a tingle down her spine.  She looked into the clear blue eyes of a burly man. He stood at least six feet tall, with dark curly hair and a beard that hugged his face.  Wearing jeans, a flannel shirt and hiking boots laced up his calves, she thought about the guy on the Big John’s bean can, no one in real life should look this good.   When he smiled, his eyes twinkled and his teeth were so white she was almost blinded.

“Nice to meet you Oliver Bennett.  Are you lost?”  He laughed, and the sound echoed through the wooded area.

“Not hardly.  I bought the place over on the point.  I’ve watched you paddle the river several times and told myself I was determined to meet the intrepid kayaker.  I spied you on the way out this morning and watched for you until I saw you turn the bend and then followed your path along the trail.”

“So, you’re a stalker.  Should I be frightened?”

“Too late,” and again he threw back his head in laughter.

“I know I always only see you, do you live here alone?”

“Me and my dog, Penny.  Listen, I’m really hungry and thirsty.  Why don’t you come up to my cabin and we can continue this conversation.  Since we’re neighbors, it’s the neighborly thing to do.”

“I’m not sure I like the idea that you are so trusting.”

“Oliver, what exactly could I do differently?  Obviously, you know my routine, it’s pretty obvious from where I house the kayak that the cottage you see in front of you is my abode.  If an intruder wants in, no lock is going to keep them out, so why not be trusting.”

“A logical thinker. You could at least carry some sort of protection.”

“What a gun?  If I was paranoid, I could have shot you for scaring me just now.  No, it’s better the way I am.  Besides, once we get to the house, you’ll see Penny is my protector.”

He followed Marjorie up the path to her home.  He couldn’t help but admire her long lean tanned legs beneath her tight rounded butt.  He would love to run his hands up those toned calves and thighs and spank that delicious ass.  He couldn’t tell about the rest of her because the two sizes too large sweatshirt hid her upper torso; but he would bet it was just as alluring.  An outdoors type of girl, with brown hair styled in a french braid, no makeup and you could tell she was comfortable in her own skin.  Such a refreshing change for him, a city dweller, who couldn’t take it anymore.

“I have beer or lemonade.  What’s your choice?”

“Is it homemade?”

“The beer or the lemonade.”

“Okay, I asked for that, Ms. Smarty Pants.  I’ll take the lemonade, maybe the beer another time.”

She poured two glasses of lemonade and brought out a box of crackers and a dish of something from the fridge, along with some carrot sticks and slices of apple.

“Healthy food, I’m impressed.”

“Taste that spread and you might change your mind.”  He dipped a slice of apple into the concoction and a mélange of flavors nipped his tastebuds.  “What’s in this?”

“Pureed pumpkin, grated ginger, cinnamon with a dash of chili sauce and a splash of pineapple juice for sweetness.  Tasty huh?”

“So sugar and spice, huh.  Just like you.”

“Maybe so.  Tell me about you Oliver Bennett.  So far I’ve done all the talking.”

“I’m a sportscaster for Fox Sports, or I will be once I’m recuperated from my latest surgery.  I was a professional hockey player and blew my knee out last year and decided my body had enough.  A buddy of mine lives up here, Jason Woodhue, he invited me up and I fell in love with the place.  When this happened, as he patted his knee, I hired a realtor to find me a place.  Here I am.”

“You’re the one who bought the McMansion.

“It’s hardly a mansion.”

“Compared to my place and the rest of the places around, it is. The previous owners built it and never lived there.  I don’t think they visited but two or three times.  Are you going to be different?”

“It will be my home base.  I will do a great deal of traveling but that will be home.  So how long have you been here?”

“I found this place on a hike a couple of years back, bought it, fixed it up and have been here ever since.”

“Don’t you find it lonely?”

“Not at all.  If I get too lonely, I’ll go into town or the city.  That’s one of the things I love about here, it’s close to everything but still remains a little haven that hasn’t been swallowed up by outsiders.”

“We are both outsiders.”

“Yes, but I bet your willing, just as I am, to leave the place as it is.  It’s quiet charm is what brought us here but so many others who come for the same reason start to miss something and before you know it, want to bring it to the new place and voila, another charming place ruined by progress and outsiders. Why can’t they leave well enough alone.”

“So tell me how you really feel.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now.”
“Where does your friend Jason live?  I don’t believe I’ve ever met him.”

“I’m not surprised.  He is something of a recluse and came up here and, like you, loves it just the way it is.  You might better know him by his other name, John Appleton.”

“John Appleton, the author.”

“One and the same.  He and I grew up together in Woodland and have been friends ever since.  He and his wife, Linda, have two little ones, a boy and a girl.  They live across the river, in a house nestled so far in the trees it is virtually impossible to find without a guide.  I know, I got lost the first four times I tried to find it.”

“I’d love to meet him sometime. I’ve read all of his books, he’s a wonderful author.”

“Have dinner with me and I’ll see what I can do.”

“Is that a bribe?”

“You’re damn right it is.”

They spent what was left of the day together, talking about everything and anything.  It had been a long time since she had felt so comfortable with anyone, nevermind someone of the opposite sex.  When it started to get dark enough to turn on some lights, he said he better go, he had wasted enough of her time.

“Hardly a waste.  I enjoyed it, and yes, I’d love to have dinner with you, even if I don’t get to meet your friend Jason.”

“Great, what are you doing tomorrow night.  We can go have dinner at the inn or you can come to the McMansion and taste my cooking.  I’m really a pretty good cook.”

“How can I refuse a home cooked meal?  Can I bring anything?”

“Just yourself and Penny, if you want.”

“Hear that Penny, you’re invited too.” Penny woofed.

“If you get there about 5:30 we can watch the sunset from the deck.”

“It’s a date, or is it?”

“Yes, it’s a date.  Our first of many, I hope.”  he smiled at her and took her hand and kissed it.


Marjorie and Oliver had dinner together a couple of times a week.  He cooked, she cleaned. Oliver, used to being in charge of everything, was soon telling Marjorie how to do this and that.  Majorie, used to being on her own, didn’t always relish the interference, but she figured his house, his rules.  The night Oliver invited his friends Jason and Linda to meet Marjorie started out like many others.  Oliver, in the kitchen, could be a tyrant.  It was why Marjorie always cleaned up so she could avoid the kitchen while Oliver was cooking. This time he wanted Marjorie with him as he prepared a special dinner for his friends.  He and Marjorie had spent the better part of the day in the kitchen and they both had frazzled nerves. When Marjorie didn’t cut the carrots exactly the way he dictated, his frustration got the better of him and he swatted her backside with the wooden spoon he was holding.

“Ouch,” she yelped.  “What the hell was that?”   He laughed at her response.

“I don’t know but you better do what I say or I’ll do it again,”

“Like hell you will.”  She grabbed the spoon out of his hand and swatted his butt.

“How do you like it?” she asked him with a big grin on her face.

“Actually, I kinda liked the whole interaction.  See for yourself,” and he pointed to a certain bulge growing in his pants.

To be perfectly honest with herself, she noticed a definite wetness in her nether regions also

He grabbed the spoon out of her hands and pulled her into his arms.  The first time his lips touched hers, the fire inside burned hotly and their passions took hold.  Hands began exploring skin hot to the touch and in just seconds their relationship went from friendship to full blown lust.  They ripped off each others’ clothes and Marjorie found herself up against the counter.  Still holding the spoon, he gave her backside three whacks before turning her around and putting her up against the nearest wall.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and that’s where they where when the doorbell rang.

They froze and it took a moment before either of them realized they had to react.  Marjorie dropped her legs and they scrambled looking for their clothes.  Oliver yelled out that he would be right there. When he opened the door, he was still disheveled and hadn’t buttoned his shirt correctly.  Jason and Linda took one look at him and then looked at each other and smirked.

“Did we interrupt something?” Jason asked.

“No, why do you ask?”  Jason pointed out his shirt, Oliver looked and shrugged his shoulders while he rebuttoned the shirt correctly.  Jason and Linda walked out to the deck where Marjorie was setting out appetizers.

Oliver made the introductions.  Marjorie was still a little flustered and meeting her favorite author didn’t help.  Nervous as hell, she managed to tilt the plate and some of the appetizers hit the deck.  Oliver glared at her but Linda picked them up and put all but one back on the plate.

“Ten second rule” she told everyone as she popped it into her mouth.

Marjorie immediately felt at ease and the three of them enjoyed the sunset, the wine and appetizers when Jason asked again if they interrupted anything.  Linda shot him a look telling him to drop it but Jason and Oliver were old friends and the taunts back and forth were nothing new.    Marjorie squirmed in her chair before excusing herself to go into the kitchen.  Linda followed.

“Don’t let those two embarrass you.  They’re always like this.” Linda told Marjorie.

“I guess boys will be boys.”

Linda asked Marjorie how she met Oliver and how long they had been seeing each other. Marjorie explained how they met, and that up until today, it was just friendship.  She told Linda about the episode with the spoon, and how one thing led to another when the doorbell rang. Linda laughed and apologized and Marjorie told her not to worry about it, it was just one of those things. 

The men came in to find out what all the laughter was about and the girls just continued to giggle.  Oliver set about finishing dinner preparation and every time he used the wooden spoon, the girls giggled.

The four of them spent a wonderful evening together and when Linda and Jason left, Marjorie started to clean up.

“Leave it,” Oliver told her.  “I think we have left some other unfinished business I’d like to tend to first.”

“We did,” Marjorie said all innocent looking.  He picked up a wooden spoon and came at Marjorie.  She giggled and he set about whacking her bottom a couple of times.  It was a redo of earlier in the evening, except that this time they were able to finish the ‘unfinished business’ between them. 

“So do you always spank your kitchen partners?” she asked.

“I never have before, but then I’ve never had such attractive kitchen assistants before.”

“I see.  It’s a whole new experience for me and I have to tell you I rather liked it.”

“Good, I rather liked it too.  I especially liked what came after. How do you feel about this newest stage of our friendship?”

Marjorie put her arms around his shoulders, wrapped her fingers through his hair and brought his head down to hers before plunging her tongue into his mouth.  When he was able, he commented that he guessed she was okay with it, and they were off.  The kitchen never did get cleaned that evening.

Once, Oliver’s injury had completely healed, his position with Fox Sports kicked in and he began traveling a great deal.  Marjorie found she missed his company, suddenly her  life seemed lonely.  Linda and Jason had become her friends also and she spent quite a bit of time with them and their two girls, but they didn’t warm her bed or her bottom.

Oliver was always asking her to join him in one of the many cities in which he broadcasted weekly events.  Her answer had always been no, but she decided to take him up on his latest offer.  He was broadcasting a game in Miami this weekend and it would be fun to spend a weekend in sun and surf.  Linda agreed to take Penny, which wasn’t a hardship because the girls loved her.  Marjorie decided a surprise was in order and she arranged to be at the hotel when Oliver finished his broadcast the next Friday evening. 

The flight went well and she took a taxi to the hotel.  She hadn’t booked a room expecting to stay with Oliver, however she received a surprise when she arrived.  The hotel would not allow her access to his room, so she sat in the lobby awaiting his arrival.  When he finally did arrive, he was not alone.  Along with him were two beautiful girls, a red head and a raven haired beauty. They each had an arm wrapped in his and she could see by the way they acted, they knew each other quite well.  I should have known, she told herself.  I’ve got to get out of here.  She watched the three of them step onto the elevator and the minute the door closed, she bounded out the door and hailed a taxi to the airport.  She caught the first flight back home.

Linda was quite surprised to see her when she picked up Penny earlier than planned.  It was one time she wasn’t honest with Linda, she was too embarrassed to tell her that their friend was a two-timing jackass, she just told her she hadn’t felt well and decided not to go through with her plans.

She didn’t take any of Oliver’s check-in calls, which had come quite regularly, and after a couple of days, he was beginning to get worried.  He called Linda and asked her if she had seen Marjorie. Linda told him she hadn’t seen her since she picked up Penny after her aborted trip to Miami.

“What trip to Miami?” Oliver asked.

“Oh boy.  I guess I let the cat out of the bag.  Marjorie planned to meet you in Miami but she said she hadn’t felt well and cancelled the trip.”

“I see,” he told her.  “Don’t worry Linda, I won’t let on you let it slip.”

“Thanks, Ollie, I’d hate to think I betrayed a trust.”

Oliver hung up the phone and checked his schedule.  He had two days before he was due in Pittsburgh for his next assignment.  He booked a flight home.  Penny announced his arrival and when Marjorie saw him, she refused to answer the door.  He continued to knock and ring the doorbell until she opened the door

“Get out of here, quit bothering me. I’m not interested in seeing you.”

“What’s going on?  I’ve been trying to reach you and you’re not taking my calls or returning my messages.”

“Think about that, why don’t you?” she replied.

“I have, I’ve done nothing but not think about it.  What the hell happened?”

“Let’s just say I’ve learned something about you and I don’t want to see you anymore.”

“Don’t you think I’m due more of an explanation than that.”

“Once upon a time, I would have thought so to, but then I went to Miami and learned differently.”

“You came to Miami.  When?”

“Oh, is it all becoming clear to you now, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.  Now start talking before I go find a spoon in your kitchen.”  He laughed thinking that bit of levity might alleviate some of the tension between them.

“You son of a bitch, don’t you try to squirm out of it.”

“Squirm out of what, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

“I flew to Miami to surprise you.  There I am sitting in the lobby waiting to see the guy I just flew 1500 miles to see but I was the one who was surprised.  You walked into the lobby accompanied by two women, one on each arm.  You were having a good time and I watched as you walked into the elevator with them. I assume you do that in every city you visit.  Why not, a good-looking available guy like you.  I was the one that was the fool, thinking we had something special.”

“Majorie,” he tried to put his arms around her.

“Don’t you touch me.” She pushed him away and Penny jumped into the act to protect her. 

“You’re all wrong.”

“I know what I saw.”

“What you saw, was me escorting two of the player’s wives to their room. There was a team meeting after the game and Jim and Bucky asked if I would see their wives back to the hotel.”

“Give me a break, I am not a moron.”

“What happened to my logicial thinker, you’re acting like a moron.  I think I like that you’re upset though.”  He tried putting his arms around her again.  Once again, she pushed him away, this time he tripped over Penny and fell down.  Penny stood over him and wouldn’t let him up.

“Call off Penny.”

“No, I like you there.”

He reached out, grabbed her hand and pulled her down to the floor with him.  “Now we’re eye level and I’m going to explain once again and you’re going to listen.  Do you understand,” he said in a sterner tone.

“Jim Nolan and Bucky Sampson are old teammates of mine.  I know Kelly Nolan and Lynn Sampson.  As a matter of fact, I am godfather to Jim Jr.  So when my mates asked me to escort their wives back to the hotel, I was happy to do so.  If you had stuck around and made your presence known, I could have introduced you.  Instead, you snuck off and sulked and now refuse to believe me.  I thought you knew me better than that, I thought we had something better than that.”

“I thought so too, that’s why I was so upset.”

“Then, why didn’t you speak up that night, or any time that I called over the last two weeks.”

“I’m sorry.  I was angry with you and wasn’t thinking.”

“Marjorie, my job requires me to travel, if we’re going to be a couple, you’re going to have to trust me.”

“I know and I’m sorry,” she told him.

“Okay.”  He kissed her and got to his knees and pulled her up to him.  “Now where is that spoon, because I’m going to wallop your behind for all the worry you’ve put me through the last couple of days.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

He pulled her up the rest of the way and hauled her into the kitchen.  He found just what he was looking for in the crock on the counter.  He pulled out a kitchen chair, spread his legs and pulled her over his right knee, holding her in place with his left leg, leaning her forward so he had full access to her ass, and forcing her to brace herself on the floor in order not to topple over.  He pulled up that two sizes too large sweatshirt – she was commando.  How perfect, he thought to himself. 

His large hand completely covered one of her pearly white cheeks, he pinch and squeezed and then moved onto her other cheek.  He watched her squirm - he loved watching those cheeks react to his attention.  He squeezed and rubbed and pinched.

“If you’re going to spank me, get it over with, already.”

“Whatever you say, my lady.”  He landed the first smack squarely over the middle of both cheeks.  He continued to paint her bottom a lovely shade of pink and he could smell her excitement, but he was just getting started.  He pulled the spoon out of his pocket and began pelting her bottom, right, left, up, down.  Watching as the spoon flattened out her cheeks as it landed and then spring back added to his erection.  His pants were becoming uncomfortable but he would have to deal with the discomfort.  She needed more spanking and so he continued to bring down that spoon as her pink cheeks turned red, and redder before he was through.

“There,” he said when he was finished. He dropped the spoon and his hands rubbed over her throbbing cheeks.  His fingers probed her until he found what he was searching for and seconds later, she was experiencing her first orgasm while across his knee.

“There, indeed.”