Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Older and Better

birthday today - don't know how I got this old.  I think the Grinch came along and stole some years.
Got my birthday spanking.  Went to dinner with my husband - great food, great drinks, and good conversation..  Came home for dessert.   Had another spanking - yeah-can't believe I waited
three decades to "come out" as a spanko.  Afterward we danced our dance - who says you can't have fun after 60.


  1. Hello Sunnygirl,

    First visit here. Thanks for your lovely comment.


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  3. Hi Sunnygirl, my 1st visit here too. Sounds like you had a fun birthday :) and better late than never coming out as a 'spanko' lol!

    Dee x


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